A propos de Propertize.ca

Shawn Peterson has been providing quick and easy access to assessment and sales data to New Brunswickers since 2009.

Shawn Peterson

The idea for Propertize started after we purchased our first home and received a property tax bill in the mail.

At the bottom of the tax bill was a form that you could complete and submit if you wanted to appeal your assessment. The problem was - I had no idea if my assessment was fair or not.

After digging, I found a government website that allows you to view assessment information for any property in the province; but, it was difficult to use.

There has to be a better way, and now there is - it's Propertize.

I initially built this site for myself and family to use, later expanding to friends and co-workers, and now for everyone in New Brunswick (and beyond). Propertize allows you to quickly find and compare property tax assessment and sales data in a single search.

This website utilizes the official assessment and sales data that is publicly available from Service New Brunswick (GeoNB).

Complete and open access to assessment and sales data is the only way to ensure New Brunswickers have the ability to make an informed decision to appeal (or not).


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